Sean Gabb Speaks at Peterhouse in Cambridge

Sean Gabb

I was invited to speak to the Peterhouse Politics Society on the 28th April. I gave this far less attention than it deserved, assuming it would be the usual long journey to address three students. I realised it was a much grander affair when I was taken in to dinner. The grace was in Latin, and I sat beside the Dean and spoke about Byzantium.

Fortunately, Mrs Gabb made me put a suit on!

The speech went fairly well. I most liked the long question and comment session afterwards. However, while I was permitted to record the whole meeting, I have been asked only to publish my own speech – Chatham House Rules and all that.

Here it is: Peterhouse Speech

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  1. It is a pity the question and answer session was not included. Still, regarding the actual speech, the warning against libertarian splitters is well-timed just as the movement is becoming more popular in the British blogosphere (just look at the needless splits within the American libertarian movement right now). The basic principles of wanting to be left alone and wanting others to be left alone should be sufficient to unite us against the present enemy.

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