American mass culture is a force for good in this world …

… But would you miss “Starbucks”?

David Davis

I have to confess something: I have just had to have it explained to me what a “Starbucks” is, and what a “Latte” is also. (I thought it was pronouced “LATT” and was slang for a lavatory…as in “They never use the lats, they do it in our hats, thank God we’re not the P.B.I*…!!!)

Whatever is happening to Starbucks, the point is that:-

(1) The USA, through the benign influence of the Anglosphere and freedom of communication and trade (mostly) has been the father of mass cultural and brand identities which give happiness and daily solace to chiefly poor-people who have no time for, or have been deprived of (through the deliberate devices of Fabians, vulgar-leftists and other Nazis) otherwise available opportunities to learn about such things as “high culture and high art”.

Here are some examples:-

Ford cars. Western pop-music (whatever you say about the Beatles/Stones/Shadows/all other Brits etc, the USA invented it. Coca-Cola (and Pepsi). MacDonald’s. Burger King. KFC. Hollywood movies (without the new-lefty-slant, from now on, please!) Jazz. Colour television (HOW long did it take the Booby-See and ITV to get it going here?) We could all name more.

(2) By contrast, the rest of the world with the chief exception of Britain, plus a few laggard European hangers-on, has contributed close to f***-all. What mass-popular, mass-cultural, all-uniting concept, that is freely-available via the market, has been exported from …. Saudi-Arabia? Or …. Russia?

Never mind about Starbucks: I didn’t even know what one was. But when we see MacDonald’s outlets closing, it truly will be a cultural bad sign.

*”Poor Bloody Infantry”


  1. Just listening to a good album, “Hank Marvin – from the embers of Western Civilistation”. Out Now!

  2. Hank Marvin! Yay! I must get that and soon. One of the greatest: the Shadows will live on, and will I hope pass in time into the Western Classical pantheon of musicians. (Is he still alive? I know that at least one Shadow has died.)

  3. Dave:

    Fer Chrissake!

    Russian culrure is a part of Western Civilizarion.

    Russia is one of the few countries with a great national literature; geat art and architecture; great scientific achievements; and some of the finest composers and musicians in the world. Russia has a Manned Spaceflight Programme; it produces probably the world’s finest fighter jets and rifles; in short, Russia has everything you _admire_ in a country.

    Go look “Russia” up on Wiki — there’s a Russia Portal. Go look up “Novgorod” — a centre of commerce and democracy when Brirain was in the Dark Ages.

    You are allowing your love of Britain to blinker you to the wonders of mankind. A Nationalist fault.



  4. Aye, Tony, you’re damn right son! They gave us a writer who wrote a book called “The Idiot” (Divination tells me I should have read this particular work quite some time ago) and let us not forget the work that Mother Russia is undoubtedly most famous for: Natalia Vodianova! Don’t know about you but I’d square away a few verboten dollars for half an hour with that fuggin sweetheart! Heh heh heh… 🙂

  5. The internet? Pretty world-changing, and partially Swiss, though also partially American.

  6. Jenny:

    The Internet was an electronic mail and file transfer system.

    It was Tim Berners-Lee (British) who conceptualized and created the World Wide Web for his coleagues at CERN in Switzerland.



  7. Nationalism is not a fault in times when we may have to use it to promote liberty. Indeed, moreover, I can’t really find fault with it except where socialists pervert and corrupt it.

  8. Dave:

    “Nations are the teams men are divided into, to play the game of War.” — Anarchist motto.

    The fundamental issue is that Nationalism is _collectivist_. It assigns individuals (usually without their having any say) into arbitrary groups.

    If you chose to go live in America, would that make you an American? Could you become an American while living in Britain?

    Nationalism and racism (to which it is closely related) are _wrong-headed_. If you love an interpretation of the _idea_ of a country, you should say so. Your allegiance is then to those ideas.

    I love the _ideas_ of England and North America. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I love any territory controlled by the present US Government (although there _are_ such places — much of Montana, New England, NIMITZ-Class aircraft carriers…)



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