Interestingly sinister extension of “Political Correctness” into other language-denial-areas.

David Davis

The Blog of Walker comments on criticism by the Racist left, of alternative use-of-language.


  1. Thanks for the link and the addition to your blogroll!

    Although I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “small c”….

    …just kidding.

  2. In the UK, “conservative” (with a small c) generally is taken to mean that one has classical Liberal views, bordering on libertarian but not necessarily mainstream. It is distinguished from “Conservative” with a large C, which means strictly the Tory Party.

    Here too, “Liberal” means free market, whereas I think in the USA it means “lefties”!

  3. Oh, ok. I guess I was thinking along the US/Canadian lines of liberal, which, as you say, means “lefties”. I should have thought that in the UK there would be different definitions. Sorry.

    So yes, I guess I am a small C conservative, as I do identify myself as a minor libertarian. Unfortunately, due to my young age, you know how it goes. My political affilition seems to be defining itself, but it could change!

    Thanks again!

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