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Hardly credible


David Davis

UPDATE….amd I think that The Landed Underclass spotted it before I did.

!!! “It is thought Islamist extremists are concealing messages in digital images and audio, video or other files.

Police are now investigating the link between terrorists and paedophilia in an attempt to unravel the system.”

This article seems to be suggesting that “Islamic extremists” may be (I presume, steganographing?) material to do with their activities in “child pornography”, and specifically in images, audio or video files.

I cannot think that this is so. Kiddie-porn and associated subjects are so, so very very monitored these days by the world’s police forces (who have probably archived the largest collection of it on the planet with originating IP addresses, for just the purpose of identifying suspected users, and which is fair enough) that if one was a terrorist, then the best way to invite failure and disaster for one’s cause would be to use these highly-visible and well-tracked materials to hide your stuff in. No, sorry, I don’t think so.

And I’m sure the Police know about steganography.

What I do think is that the planted article is a trailer or smelly-foxtail, designed to draw more people (who are of course more or less against kiddie-porn) into the opinion-box that says on it; “we are in favour of the war on terror, and in favour of even more intrusive State-monitoring-methods on the internet and elsewhere”.

If I was a terrorist, then I would steg messages in something really really unworthy of notice, such as a picture of Polly Toynbee.

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