It was utterly obvious that there was a smelly rat behind it…

UPDATE:- Samizdata have noticed it too.

…amd here it is, less than 48 hours after the first hint. There’s no shame or dissembling any more.

David Davis

The other day we remarked on “all travel plans to be logged”, and noted that they had to be depositied in advance. Of course, this was to check what the buggers might be able to relieve you of, before letting you out. Welsome to Zim-Britwe.

I wonder when it will be a crime to publicly notice stuff like this, and draw the attention of thrid parties to it. Soon I guess.

It’s simply non-credible that real living human beings are dreaming up stuff like this, in an English-tradition Political Space. Either the repression-machine has taken on a life of its own, and is running in automaton mode, or else there really are some very wicked human beings inside the State.

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