While Rome fiddles, we sit here burning with mirth and schadenfreude

David Davis

Today is a good time for libertarians to infiltrate all the parties, when everything is seeming to be in flux. We shan’t get noticed until it’s too late.

This morning, James Purnell, and now John Hutton. Wanting to spend more time with their families I guess. Also poor overwhelmed Jack Straw better stay put and trough a bit more, as it seems he might need to pay lawyers soon.

Truly, the spectacle of a nasty, wicked GramscoFabiaNazi caucus coming apart is quite uplifting. It’s been worth the wait, like watching the Berlin Wall fall down, that creation of the friends of this lot when they were “students”.


  1. I must confess, the fact that these things have come out (expenses saga) and the subsequent press coverage has me somewhat concerned. This kind of coverage is normally given to some or other agenda in my experience, usually an agenda that has loss of freedom at the end of the adventure. When they want to cover something up they usually do a very competent job, one way or another. Or do you think it indicates that Britain still has some shreds of freedom left? I have serious doubts. My question is: What are they up to now?

  2. John and Tony are quite right to sound a note of suspicion.

    But I think we ought to be allowed to enjoy their apparent discomfiture, for a few days, or minutes.

    They are bad-people, and into their lives a little rain ought to fall, sometimes.

  3. This is as good a place as any to start.

    Note the closeness to a Roman Catholic Cardinal.

    The Western Roman Empire, a multinational enterprise with a billion members worldwide, headquartered in the sovereign territory of the Vatican, is very much a potent source, especially now that the Church is now headed by the former head of the Office of the Inquisition… Sort of Intel outfit…

    The Roman Empire is referred to in St. John.s Apocalypse as having the number DCLXVI — the numeric system of the Roman Empire, where D = 500; C = 100; L=50; X=10; V=5 and I =1. Add them together and you get:

    666 — The Number of the Beast.

    Sir Isaac Newton was firm in his belief that the Roman Church & Empire were Satanically-based: it is quite odd that two people are described as “LightBearer” (Lux Ferre” in Latin).

    One is Satan; the other is Jesus.

    This has been systematically researched and written up — there’s a wealth of stuff on the Net, some flakey. Use your own intelligence.

    An empire with the allegiance of willing persons is just as powerful as any country — perhaps even more so. This is why the Roman Catholic Church should study the matter. As the Book says: “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

  4. Again, I tend to view all information that successfully makes it into the public domain with scepticism for the very reason that it has made it. Books like Da Vinci Code are a mockery of any hope to find the truth because, never mind any gross stupidity and inaccuracies, the very fact they made it into print points to them being enemy (if such exists) propaganda rather than any attempt to establish the truth.
    Dr Gabb s view that the enemy of truth, love and freedom is a somewhat loose and unorganised grouping of interests, an amorphos mass with a very cohesive motivation and agenda, tends to make more sense.
    But who knows? Some very strange things do happen, indeed. And some very clever and probably intelligent people do seem to do some very stupid and unneccessary things sometimes. Perhaps they are just overgrown conmen?

  5. Dave:

    You headed this thread:

    “While Rome fiddles, we sit here burning with mirth and schadenfreude”

    Your heading prompted this thread — I’m not yelling “It’s a Papist plot” because I’m not a Protestant fundi.

    I recently visited the Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul here in Clifton, Bristol. It’s a beautiful modern architectural wonder, all angles and stained glass and hexagonal granite flooring. It was completely deserted and silent, and quite awe-inspiring — a real spiritual experience. I read the literature, and looked at the notice-boards. I felt quite at home there, even though I’m a Taoist with all of the Universe to worship in. I’ll go there again. The experience was serenely powerful, without posturing religiosity, which turns me off rather. Politically, the organizations mentioned there seemed consistent with a free society.

    The silence was awesome and profound. I trailed my fingers in the elegant modern stone font — a lenticular dish with flowing water. I meditated on the miracle of water, the magnificence of granite, and mankind’s contributions to the world. This is not the Catholic church that burned witched to death by the millions, you see. That darkness, that hideous strength seems to have vanished as did Sauron and his works at the end of LOTR.

    I recall, that JRR Tolkien was Catholic, as well as being a philosophical anarchist…


  6. The meme is the thing:


    The meme to-day is /97 per cent/.

    As in:

    ‘I say, you coves DO realise, don’t you, that 97 per cent of people’s lives are NOW lived with no regard or concern for “government”, and the only time they do bother with it at all is when a panda pulls them up on a fund-raising stop or they need to apply for some dosh from human services, or else to check in to one of the slaughterhouses [NHS trust hospitals, eg]…?’

    I do not perceive that ‘infiltration’ therefore is quite the thing.

    There is no longer any need whatsoever, for the tormented seclusiveness of some spotty adolescent. “CAN the God-damn, pussyfooting for Christ’s sake!” [Farmer Judson Andersen, b 1919, Harebrain Township, squawbunion County, MN]

    For chaps simply to go and ‘hang out’ as obvious and avowed libertarians, or ‘actual tories’ & constitutionalists, at party doings, the local Tory club or any remaining NuLabour surgery — or just to stand about on the pavement and speak to the types going in and out — should do just fine!

    The key is that /every/ sentence one speaks must be cast in the interrogatory mode; and, each question /must/contain the phrase /97 per cent/, “embedded” in American parlance for purposes of a subliminal & accumulative demoralisation.

    The effect will be amplified in the instance of the operative with a strong stomach, and when this individual solicits an extended appointment with his NuLabour MP. Avowedly this will be a work session in which the ostensible humiliore seeks guidance from his’ or ‘her’ Over-Person’, in completing some immoral document or the other, an application for some grant, prebendary subvention or hand-out. At the close of the thieving operation and when the last signatures have been engrossed, the operative must heave a vast sigh of relief:

    ‘Sink me, I’m glad that’s wrapped up & kicked away, crooked as it all is…ironic, innit? This sort of skiving bastardry IS “97 per cent” clapped out, “they say!”‘

    In the deathless of words of Mr Judson Andersen, my 90-year-old farm neighbour here in Harebrain TWP, in Squawbunion County in southern Minnesota:

    “That’ll REALLY give the dirty bastards a God-damn stroke and PLUS piss the fine-haired sonsofbitches all off real good, TOO!”

    97 per cent of time….

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