Nine-Eleven, plus eight

David Davis

It occurs to me every time this anniversary comes round now, that the time interval is already very much longer than the entirety of the Second World War. The proper response to this previously unimaginable atrocity, the conception of which can only have been encompassed in the minds of pre-capitalist and perverted anti-liberals, has been blunted and turned off-course on purpose, by the denizens of the Enemy Class at home in both the UK and the USA. Eight years on, and all we have accomplished is:

(1) The death of Mr Barack-O’Sin-Binliner

(2) The just and right removal and killing of the murdering butcher GramscoSaddam

(3) The beginning (only) of the writing-down of a “Taliban”, whatever that is (but it’s clearly bad) in Afghanistan.

The persons, politico-machine-spinners, media-channels and droids still walk this Earth who fail to speak sufficiently evilly, or evilly at all, of the enemies of the Western Canon of Civilisation. After eight long long years, to someone of my age and generation, this is difficult to comprehend. Yet they are pleased to bask in the lights of its benefits.

Furthermore, persons, droids and others exist that maintain 9/11 and its horrors to have been deliberately perpetrated (that’s worse than just “not prevented”, and possibly libellous) by “our” politician-shits, rather than those of another persuasion. Analogous allegations, to my mind, would be that Chamberlain “suggested to Hitler” that he might asssault Poland in order that the British Empire could go to war “for oil”. (I thought we’d invented Arab oil?  – Ed.)

Of course, it must be right to listen to “film” “stars”, above all others, and heed their grave pronouncements, which are dispensed when they seek to advise us who is responsible for the ills and disasters in our civilisation.

it woz 'im wott dunn it!
it woz 'im wott dunn it!

For they are Gods: they are divine and divinely inspired, and they can neither think no do any wrong. Their wives are pretty or have been so at some time, so they must be intelligent and wise and worth cultivating for opinion as to the fate of the world. (Can anybody tell me who or what the film actor thingy “Charlie Sheen” is, please? I do not know.)

If Western Civilisation did not contain the awful vulnerability of free discourse and allowable individual seeking of paths to truth, then things like this would never have happened. We would not be being berated by the likes of Charlie Sheen – whoever he is – and Michael Moore, for our supposed institutionalised and therefore irremediable faults. But we, as the lefties tell us, we “can’t turn the clock back now”. Libertarianism would never have come into being if the Enlightenment had not made possible the thoughts that “things could be better than they now are”.

Tell me how many Honestiores/Humiliores-type civilisations begat an articulate and well-intellectuallty-researched and founded movement for individual liberty. When you have done that, I will put up a ration-voucher for a case of TWELVE recyclable-small-bottle-emulators (USSR standard Gulag Pattern) of State-Champagne-Substitute.

Oh, and to the truthers reading this, if you have the good fortune to be directed here….if Bush _HAD_ either ordered 9/11 or been “complicit in letting it happen” (watch out for what we call “Libel” – or the US equivalent, whatever it may be called!) how many people do you think would have had to be in the loop, and their silence bought or enforced?

(I expect there will be a well-considered riposte from at least one well-known commentator, and soon.)


  1. When there is such an all out effort to trash someone, and it seems this is about trashing George W, then I am forced to think, okay, he was doing something right.
    As you say, to have a conspiracy this big with all the possible leaks, the major bucks that MSM would offer for the story – It would have to be something more than human to succeed. Perhaps its to do with those lizards I hear are coming from the centre of the Earth?
    It is profoundly strange the eagerness with which western left-wing fasci-liberals grasp their own destruction.
    The West is facing being either turned into an Islamic caliphate with all the totalitarian controls that would entail, or being over run by the totalitarian technology required to defeat that.
    Is that the intent? But why do that? I suppose it will make them into a superduper unbelievably rich ruling class of unimaginable luxury and style. I suppose that s a good enough reason?
    According to psychiatrist, Steven Rittenberg , we hate being constrained by order, borders and difference. We rage against it and it comes out if there is no discipline from within. He writes:
    Once again, we are in a struggle between civilization and perversion. Some remain puzzled by the alliance between modern day left-liberalism and jihadism. Perversion explains the puzzle.Civilization has been built painstakingly on difference: male and female, yes and no, right and wrong, truth and falsehood. There are rules, laws, customs, hard-won scientific knowledge. Civilization is a fragile guardian of reality, which must be defended from the onslaught of barbarians wishing to abolish rules and differences.
    In each of our psyches the perverse temptation must be fought, if civilization is to survive. The more advanced the civilization, the more intense the appeal to throw off constraints. Often individual rebels are rewarded with the title of ‘artist’, but Sade was an artist whose ideas were realized in Nazism.

  2. ‘The West is facing being either turned into an Islamic caliphate with all the totalitarian controls that would entail, or being over run by the totalitarian technology required to defeat that.’

    That /is/ to overstate the case, well, just a tad.

    On the technology side one simply cannot surveil effectively ALL of The Sonsofbitches, not all at once. Of course that is Hell enough, certainly for those randomly caught in the stupidly randomly circulating dragnets

    On the other hand, I became muslim in Morocco for cause, and I know my fellow-religionists. On the immature rage-side, affect always trumps ‘clever’ ‘plotting’ (just as among neo-[not!]conservatives), and so, happily for us, the devils can NOT so much as plan a frog-fight without falling out of their trees.

    However — and, /this/ might just be the price we shall have to pay in the West for some real guardians of the Eastern Marches against the Han — if it was The Toorks you said you are in a stew about (and not my ratbag Arabo-Berber buddies), I should then have to grant you your case:

    ‘Our’ wimmen WILL indeed have to put their duds back on…then!

    In the really longterm, though, the real advantage is that once again we will be able to do the struggle for Liberty all over again — and, just maybe, next time around to actually keep it.

    Any takers?

  3. The “totalitarian controls” are coming in/are in. The ability to track all money, or whatever exchange method is used in the future. Life is mainly transacted by computer, the capacity to monitor all that. Storage for emails grows faster than we can produce them. No need to monitor surveillance. Computers will do that. Computers will build computers. The capacity to process and store data growing exponentially. Sure, it’s easier to monitor a London street than one in a less monitored situation. But it will get there. Technology made by technology, ever expanding and becoming more fuel-efficient with conducting pathways one molecule thick. There is no limit to anything, as far as I can visualise. It could become completely comprehensive and global.
    It seems to me the West does not understand the true nature of true power. But is waking up to this. It understands the politics of want and generally more superficial things. But I think the East has got the West licked when it comes to power. Perhaps instinctive greed will recognise that and take action (with technology?) Whatever happens, individual liberty is standing on perilous ground to my understanding.

  4. Since I am being quoted (above) I thought I’d weigh in to add that we now have a President steeped in PoMo ideas, who is busily submitting to tyrants and pursuing multi-cultural fantasies that deny the differences between Western Civilization and Muslim barbarism. The correct word for this is ‘perversin’.

  5. Dr Rittenberg, – while I do try to keep away from supernatural ideology aspects of a situation if not engaged in a detailed review of such, I would like to congratulate you on your view and understanding of human nature and civilisation and the preservation thereof. Your article on the meaning and the root of perversion is one of the best and clearest that I think I have read in this field.

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