1. This all to do with modern politics and the unremitting greed of 60% of the general public and 95% of our wretched politicians. That this money-addicted Dave benefits from doing this kind of thing is not really so important. What is important is why he wants to. What does this guy intend spending his accumulated cash on if not to support himself and his family? Using his own cash for this type of expenditure would have meant he could keep his head held high whilst setting a good moral tone for we more ordinary plebs to follow.

    He’s got to be the sort of chap who’d be found in bed, having starved to death with his garage stocked full of the food he’d been hoarding for emergency use. He’d been waiting in bed until he felt he could afford to start opening cans only to realise that he’d become too weak to climb out.

    Just the same with the show recently put on for those athletes who we’re now not supposed to criticise too harshly. Previously, I was someone who would always enjoy watching the various events; especially track and field. This time however, what I’ve witnessed seemed little more than a tinsel-town jamboree and BBC-fed Egofest. Somethings were good of course. I admired the innovative way the flame burst into life in the stadium and was then moved – all 16 tons of it to where it was later required to be. The camera crews always seemed to be in the right places most of the time with some great pictures. No endless false starts and with 3,500 courtesy cars ferrying the good and the great to where ever they needed to be must have impressed those involved. Of course some wonderful contests enjoyed by contestants and public alike.

    But why was the winner of the 100 and 200 yard dashes (stuff mtrs) encouraged to strut around the track for ten times longer than his dashing actually took? Why did the seemingly endless numbers of swimmers need to walk out of a concocted tunnel like gladiators entering the arena of death? Every one involved, including most spectators, couldn’t resist the need (a need these days anyway it seems) to play up to the camera at every opportunity. The bloody awful BBC actually accomodating it all… of course. Announcers and guests alike, all only too happy to show off in the most vulgar fashion. Modesty, discretion and dignity all gone and sacrificed on the alter of potential celebrity (with a few exceptions; Michael Johnson and David Emery being two). Of course world records were broken. But let’s not get too exited about those – technology of itself will always take care of record breaking. Wind tunnel tested bikes and helmets, bows that look nothing like the traditional archery bow, better track surfaces, running shoes and so on.

    All in all in, the Egofest 2012 will not represent particularly good value for money for we tax-payers. Ditto for Cameron – our gloriously greedy leader. Seb Coe will not agree with this of course. For him, as with many others, it’s been an un-licensed gold-mining opportunity. Fat profits already banked with more to come via a newly invented and cushy job… plus, enough world-wide publicity to last for several life-times. The politics of it all are, as we all know, another and much more insane matter.


    “Gather round folks and see what we’re doing here. On this race, we’re offering 10/1 (in from 100/1) against the game but discredited Enoch winning; 7/1, on the gallant yet drifting old mare Thatcher, with a steady 9/2 for that old war-horse Blair. Big Dave’s on the board now at a very tasty 11/10 so come on you lovely people, you know this is a good thing. Just look at his breeding – see how well Dave’s turned out. You’re not buying cash at odds like these folks.. and it’s you that’s made him favourite for the big one, so back your judgment folks.. how can you lose? “

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