Proof a written constitution is not the answer to all our problems

Keir Martland

Apologies in advance: this video contains Pastor Manning.

However many times he insists he has a “constitutional right” to free speech, the same counter arguments as are made this side of the Atlantic, namely of ‘hate speech’, are made in the above video.

Legal positivism gets us nowhere. Instead, we must assert our nature given rights to life, liberty, and property if we want a more inspiring message and one less easily criticised. Discuss.


  1. “Legal positivism gets us nowhere.” Exactly. Never has done, never will do.

    As for the pastor, he’s not really to my taste, but I would defend his right to speak his mind.

    And, by the way, I think he’s a brave bloke!

  2. Agreed. Unfortunately, what if asserting “our nature-given rights to life, liberty, and property” is not enough, either? When civil society breaks down, and people no longer respect each other as human beings, what is a constitution? Or an assertion?

  3. What if the pastor said, “I’m merely passing on what the Bible says”? Let the fire-breathing dragons try and ban that book as hate speech!

  4. Good piece Keir. I’m glad that we believe that Pastors and other Church Leaders should have that right to go out there and preach the Bible and engage with the public. The problem with the lefties is that once they engage in debate, they try to ban their opposition from speaking because they do not like being challenged and I am afraid we have let them get away with it for too long. Time for a change I think.

  5. Instead, we must assert our nature given rights to life, liberty, and property if we want a more inspiring message and one less easily criticised.

    The problem here is that it’s very hard to persuade other people that such “nature given” rights exist, mainly because they don’t.

  6. I have always found Pastor Manning to be a refreshing. His views on racial matters are quite interesting, prompting calls that he is some kind of “Uncle Tom”, because he acknowledges what a lot of the problems are. He often speaks the plain and obvious uncomfortable truth, a bit like a child speaking up that the emperor has no clothes on, because he sees no reason as to why he should have to lie.

    I can’t agree with everything he says, and besides, I have only seen a handful of his videos, but I have to admire the man for standing up for what he happens to believe in, irrespective of my own views about this or that subject matter he is raising.

    He does well to take them on, on the street, and attempt to point out the ridiculous attitudes of those seeking to prevent people like him from speaking or displaying things they do not like.

    He had me actually laughing out loud for real when he says to the interviewer something like “Are you listening to what you are saying?! You are saying I can say things inside the building, but that I cannot say things outside of the building?! Have you lost your mind?!” – I’m afraid they have lost their mind.

  7. I have enjoyed Pastor Manning’s videos for years. He tells it like it is, while being slightly bonkers. A great guy.

  8. Funhy thing is: the guy with the Mic states openly that he can say these things behind closed doors, but not out in the open. They completely overlook the fact that most sensible people are of the same opinion about ‘Gays’ et al, do what you wish behind closed doors, but don’t foist it upon me and mine, but they do, and have been for many years.
    They’re subjecting Manning and his Church to the very same ‘Intolerance’ that they claim society has subjected them to previously……
    Messed up world!
    Liberalism will eat itself.

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