I hate Air Conditioning

August is about the only month in the year when you can be warm without having to spend money. Yet every building I go into nowadays is provided with blasts of frigid air, supposedly for my convenience.

Something else, I suppose, for which I can blame the Americans.


  1. The problem about “weather” in buildings and also vehicles is that you can get woozy and nauseated fast if air isn’t properly circulated all the time, and you can then pass out and cease to be a “productive state resource” for your Exchequer. You might have to be carted away bythe _Human-Remains_ department and “replaced”. This is aside from the mere problems of temperature control.

    In the summer months in the UK. when you can’t open your car’s windows else you cannot hear what any passenger is saying since everyone lisps silently all the time these days because of the Television, you have to have all the car’s windows shut. This is so you can vaguely hear what anyone is saying or mumbling while thinking you can hear them. Thus the car’s aircon has to be well-on, or else as a driver you will puke up and pass out, and all will die a horrible death at your hands.

    In the north, you can’t necessarily open your house’s windows all the time in the summer, for a sudden seaborne squall may come and soak your curtains while your back is turned; your wife will then screech at you for being a useless cretinous scumbag and will accidentally-on-purpose unpend your WW2 wirelss transmitters in the course of “cleaning the house”. All coastal houses in Northern England should be given free aircon on the State.

  2. The other reason for airconning shops – food shops at least – I would guess, is that the stuff keeps longer in the distribution chain. This would i think reduce the gross prime costs of foodstuffs by about 50-60%. Under the Warsaw Pact, I read somewhere that between 40-60% of all harvested food was lost through decomposition while waiting in unsealed railway trucks and the like. I do not know the figures in detail, I have to admit, but perhaps others on here might.

  3. You’re just spoiled, Sean. I think a spell in a broken lift with ten sweaty strangers would teach you a lesson. I’d prefer to read your opinion on the posthumous evisceration of Ted Heath by people who never spoke out when he was alive (neither on his efforts to ruin Britain nor his alleged paedophilia).

  4. Bad aircon, improperly installed, is however about as awful and useless as Sean says. In the early 1980s I worked in a large office in Berkeley Square, nominally air-conditioned, but in fact we all had to fling open the windows every summer or suffocate. This didn’t matter if there was even a slight breeze for we were several floors up, but on still days it made no improvement.

    One upside was that the Fleets of Young Ladies working as secretaries, chart-artists, account supervisors etc (one or two “Account Directors” but these were usually too “driven”), used to shed at least one if not more layers of clothing on such days. The men didn’t mind, for we lived in more permissive times. There were at one time at least 200 of these beautiful creatures, and for the Xmas party, usually held at some large venue in January, staff _did not bring husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends_ etc.

    Oh,I almost forgot! For the Jan 1983 party, we hired _Gary Glitter_ . He absolutely brought the house down; he was great.

    • Well Keir, we may disagree on immigration, but we agree on air-conditioning.

      Sean may take some comfort from warmist plans to ban air-conditioning in all areas where productive people work.

  5. I thought you’d all know by now that everything has to be controlled and conditioned in this country, even the air! :).

  6. Homo britannicus is not a species that reacts well to heat. It wilts and falls asleep. It sweats copiously. It smells. Proper care for Homo britannicus requires ensuring that the temperature never rises above a maximum of 25 degrees celsius.

  7. You are a kindred spirit, Sean. I was recently on holiday and preferred to have the windows of the car down for blasts of fresh air than be enclosed with air conditioning on.

    In England, I never find it hot enough to use air con in a car. It makes me feel sick.

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