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Paris: The Wages of Victim Disarmament


Expressed in their simplest form, the ingredients for this atrocity can be expressed as follows:

mass migration + armed interference in Middle Eastern affairs + civilian disarmament = successful terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

The chances of this happening again could be much reduced by addressing even one of the elements on the left side of this equation. Unfortunately, given the vested interests involved, the chances of this happening must be nil.

In the case of civilian disarmament, which has long been pursued across nearly all of Europe in one form or another, it is worth bearing in mind that this carnage was wrought by just seven men. Just think about that for a moment: not even enough to fill one large taxi.

One of the most ghastly images of these attacks is of defenceless people being herded about prior to being murdered. Given even a smattering of armed resistance, it is almost inconceivable that these terrorists could have carried through their plans.

But of course current policies will no doubt continue (or, more likely, intensified), and the “response” will simply be more pressure to create a full spectrum surveillance state. The fact that terrorists don’t plan their activities on Facebook etc will not be much discussed.

Which all begs the question as to what this developing regime of surveillance really +is+ about. Some have suggested social control and tax collection – and they may not be wrong.

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