Sean Gabb interviewed by Robert Stark

Robert Stark

Sean Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance in the UK

Topics include:


      • Changed by the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which created the above mess in which a photo of your naked 17 year old girlfriend or wife is “child pornography”. Done to bring us in line with the American Puritans via an (American authored) UN agreement, whose official name escapes me right now (same international agreement type as those anti-smoking ones).

        The Act was such a mess that it specifically specified 16 as the age of consent, but then was issued with “guidance” declaring that under no circumstances should the law as written be enforced if both participants are under 16. Everyone was so distracted by the hullabaloo over lowering the age of consent for gays, nobody much noticed the other parts, like making Page 3 photos of Samantha Fox et al into retrospective kiddie pr0n.

        I expect it to be lurched upwards to 21 at some point, there are regular rumblings about that in the States, on the basis of protecting college-age girls from exploitation, blah de blah.

  1. Sean

    If look on the net the Bonehill bloke has been goading TPTB for several years and has had ASBOs etc for several years. It is this that they are pushing rather than a first offence cartoon publication. Still an attack on free speech but not quite as overt as one time publish=jail.

  2. IanB: OT but this might interest you–if you have not seen it already. It relates how the temperance movement was a part of stopping alcohol from competing with petrol in the early 20th Century.

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