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Alt Right versus Socialist Left (Keith Preston)



Keith Preston says this, “Having observed trends in libertarianism for decades what I have noticed is that while the Ron Paul thing generated a serious growth spurt in libertarianism, since then libertarians have largely split into three different directions. Some have become social justice warriors, some have joined the “Libertarianisn, Inc” division of the D.C.-based neocon/GOP alliance, and others have become alt-rightists or neo-reactionaries… The Mises Institute oriented groups have stuck to the Rothbardian line obviously. That’s what they exist for. But they seem to be more of a sect than a movement. I think the drift of many libertarians to the alt-right is signified by the fact that Trump rather than Rand Paul has become the heir to the populism of the Ron Paul movement.”

Eric Field says this, “To a degree I think it’s the LvMI crew willing to consider a paleo 2.0 strategy that everyone pretended hadn’t happened after 2010 or so.”

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