CCTV Britain

Some years ago, the Libertarian Alliance was approached by some A-Level Media Studies students to take part in a documentary on the surveillance state. This is an excerpt from the finished project.


  1. If the CCTV systems of Britain were disabled in one fell swoop, the country would descend into chaos. The police would be powerless to solve crime without it. I often read about old murder cases, and what strikes me again and again is the way a case was solved by someone reporting something that seemed slightly odd to him or her, but which most people wouldn’t even notice. That doesn’t happen anymore, for various reasons. People keep to themselves are are loath to admit they find anyone suspicious. Also, I doubt if the police would welcome such reports – they’d treat them as a nuisance. They know they’ll get CCTV footage of anything they consider worth investigating. If it’s a really serious crime, they might solicit additional help from the public.

      • No. They’ve become dependent on CCTV now. Crime rates are high, but the fact that just about everything is recorded means that the situation can be prevented from spiralling into complete anarchy. It will be needed more and more in the future, as increasing numbers of people feel no attachment to the country they live in and no responsibility to co-operate with the police. Those entrusted with law enforcement don’t have much interest in protecting people from crime, but the vast surveillance network ensures that they can stop it from going completely out of control.

  2. Now that a majority of people have mobile phones with which they can film what is going on around them, if evidence from these devices was acceptable in court then there would be no need for CCTV for the purpose of detecting actual or potential crime.

  3. One measure of a free society is a society where it is easy to commit petty crime! That is simply a fact.

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