Keir Martland on Radio Mises (Mises Sweden)

Keir Martland, Director of Youth Affairs at the Libertarian Alliance, joins Klaus and Hans from Mises Sweden to discuss the UK police state and the European Union Referendum among much else.


  1. I listened to the first minute, and I’m afraid my Swedish wasn’t up to it.

    I know I sound like a stuck record, but Keir my friend, can’t you provide a transcript of what you said?

    • Oh goodness me no, that would take forever. Much of it has already been said and written, but these podcasts and speeches are probably best experienced by those who have time to listen to them. Listening to snippets of it now, I will say that it would be quite a pleasant way to spend an hour. Otherwise, it is simply an elaboration on the various essays I have written here on the EU.

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