Godfrey Bloom: Brexit and its Global Implications

In which Andy Duncan and Godfrey Bloom talk about Brexit and, towards the end of the interview, let slip that Mises UK will be happening. Watch this space.


  1. Interesting as always. What a shame that you don’t get this on the UK mainstream media any more.

    Two random thoughts:

    It does indeed seem strange that the UK is leaving the EU – only to rebrand all its prohibitions, subsidies and regulations as its own. Surely the point of leaving was to junk all of this.

    And again, why all this guff on the BBC about “trade deals”? You don’t need any deals to have free trade, which surely trumps any other arrangements. And if the Chinese decide to sell us cars for £200, my attitude is: “Thank you very much. I’ll have some of that.”

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