New Look – Improvements on Way

Now that it is becoming more active again, this Blog will take on a new appearance. Do not suppose that this one will be the final version. In due course, I will launch an appeal to raise £200, which will give us access to many delights presently unavailable. For the moment, I will wait for comments.


  1. I noticed that the old link to the blog,, now points to a page which does nothing. Perhaps that URL ought to point to the page which is now accessed by

    At first sight, the new format is a bit harder to read than the old, simply because the white background has been replaced by grey, giving less contrast for those of us with older eyes.

  2. Given that the site bears his name, a prominent image of Ludwig von Mises on the home page, together with a link to a short biography, would be fitting.

  3. Just put my first offering on to the site since the change. I think it’s a bit better than the old site in terms of legibility of the article. Perhaps because of the sans serif font. One thing I did notice is that underlined text in the input Word document doesn’t get pulled through into the article, although italicized text does.

    • One or two teething pains. I may be able to solve that one – assuming it needs solving – by playing with the CSS settings.

    • By the way, though I chose it simply because I hated all the others on offer, this theme is rather good. Once I’ve raked in more contributions, I’ll upgrade the account to the point where I can upload and play with a theme that will give us much more of a magaziny look.

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