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Broken by Design

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by Daniel Jupp

What’s happening can be understood best if you realise that there is zero incentive for the ruling class to fix anything, and enormous incentive for them to break everything.

At first glance this might not seem like it makes any sense. Why would the ruling class want their nation states, where their power is based, to get weaker? Why would they want a failing economy rather than a thriving one? Why would they deliberately engineer supply chain disasters, astronomical levels of debt, declines in standards of living, mass immigration, the breakdown of overburdened infrastructures, rampant inflation, energy shortages and food shortages?

Don’t they benefit when we benefit? Wouldn’t a growing economy and a happy populace be of benefit to them, making their positions more secure and their wealth more protected?

Yes, they would. But it’s slow gain, and it requires self-restraint. It’s hard work to build an economy and a society that is genuinely improving for everyone. There’s a lot of work to make that happen and it takes time. It takes the ability to delay an instant gratification in order to acquire a better reward latter.

Very small children are incapable of this delay. Ask them ‘one sweet now or two sweets in five minutes’. They will take one sweet now. So too with those who are already spoilt, already infantilised, already privileged. They will grab the sweet on offer.

Imagine them being faced with the choice of putting in a lot of effort to make a company work in the face of Chinese competition. You have to make your company better, more efficient, your workers more productive, your goods cheaper and better at the same time, your research and decision making bolder and brighter. Work, work, work. Or you can outsource to China and get an instant drop in your labour costs. Zero effort on your part, immediate sweet shareholder dividend. Or even better align with a Chinese company or be taken over by one. Huge fat bribes to you personally. A massive payout.

Your company is effectively dead as competition to China or as an asset to your own nation. But you personally are a lot better off for a lot less effort.

It didn’t even begin via international competition, either. It began when people realised that asset stripping works. When hostile takeovers generated huge profits for individuals not by growing and preserving a company but by gutting and destroying it, ripping out the best bits and gorging themselves on them until nothing was left. The company is gone. The jobs are gone. The assets are if they still exist owned by rivals. But the leaders who allowed this have gone from rich to super rich.

Destruction is more profitable than creation. At least for some.

This was operating in business for years before it truly became influential on governance. But the entire political ruling elite of the 2020s are the exact same thing as the worst asset strippers of the 1980s. Only it’s not one company that is the target now. It’s whole nations. It’s your nation.

They want failure. They pursue failure. They want disaster. They want war. They want economic collapse. They want, of course, endemic corruption. They want mad divisive theories of race and colour. They want pregnant men and Somalians landing in dinghies with guns or a million or four million more people marching into the US unchecked every year. They want inflation. They want you poorer, sadder, angrier, unhappier, broken, destitute, homeless, drug addicted, distracted by porn and stuffed full of bullshit.

How are people like that going to stop them asset stripping the country? They aren’t.

Everything that makes your life shittier makes their lives better. You get stabbed by an immigrant. They get cheap servants. You get raped. They get great whores at low prices from all around the world. You get desperate. They get your vote. You get poorer, they get richer.

The political elite are a hostile takeover by asset strippers. They are carving up your nation and your life like a nineteenth century buffalo hunter stripping a carcass. They aren’t getting it wrong by accident. They are getting it just right, for them. And only them.

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