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Libertarianism.UK Podcast: Greg Moffitt – The Great Reset & War On Liberty (Part I)

Tonight’s guest is Greg Moffitt, the host of the ‘Legalise Freedom’ podcast, which you can find here:

We spoke about the book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret, ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’, and the way it’s being used as a future totalitarian global road map by many of the world’s governments.

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In Part I of this podcast, we discuss the next four major things that the globalists are planning next, as proposed within the book. We then discuss the rationale behind the book, before discussing the first of its three main sections, on the economy.

In Part II of this podcast, next week, we will discuss sections two and three of the book, on energy and the economy, as well as a few ideas on how to counteract the globalist strategy as laid out in this ‘Great Reset’ book.


Some quotes from the Podcast:

“The problem with the central bank digital currency model, and what they’re proposing, is that it really goes way beyond [the current system of plastic money]. It’s proposing to make things like current currency expiration. What you could spend the money on could [also] be controlled and a lot of this stems from [the] climate objectives [of] net zero.”

“[With digital currency], the potential for control manipulation of people’s lifestyles and activities is enormous.” “If the technocratic globalist model continues down the path that it is, there’ll be even more people, even more human beings, for whom there is no meaningful work of any sort.”

“[With universal basic income], you could be made to jump through any number of hoops in order to receive that money. It’s just another form of dependence on the state.”

“The ‘Great Reset’ is really the ‘Great Rehash’.”

“[Digital currency, universal basic income, and social credit are] three kinds of planks of the same proposed system.”

“Social credit could see you getting rewards … for good behaviour. More likely, [it will be] deductions for inappropriate behaviour, inappropriate spending, and what have you.” “[Social credit could be applied to the] people you associate with [and] with the behaviour of your family and friends.”

“[The ‘Great Reset’ is] more to do actually with maintaining [the globalist elite’s] own position more than anything else.”

“[With the ‘Great Reset’], you go beyond ideology into what we [could] just call … religiosity.”

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