An Open Letter to the Chief Thief – who claims to be my “representative”

Dear Jeremy Hunt MP,

“Hunt, you silly boy,” as your Charterhouse housemaster must have said to you many times, “you’ve really done it this time.”

You are supposed to be MY “representative” in parliament. If the UK is a democracy, then YOU are supposed to fight MY corner. At the very least, you MUST do what is right for the people in your constituency, South West Surrey. If what the Westminster “blob” want to do – like force people in the UK out of our cars by bad regulation and heavy taxation – is contrary to the interests of the people who live in South West Surrey, then YOU must support US, not THEM. Yet you have “sold your soul” (if you have one) to the “blob.” Indeed, you have become an archbishop in that particular church. You have taken on the role of chancellor of the exchequer, the role that I call “Chief Thief.” You are supposed to be my representative, yet you are behaving as my enemy.

I recall the first (actually the only) time I met you, in October 2003, before you even became a parliamentary candidate. When you asked me what you might do for me, I asked you for your help in getting rid of IR35 – a bad New Labour tax law designed to hurt independent people, which your party at the time were seriously considering repealing. You simply cut me off with a disdainful look, and went on to the next person. Recently, instead of confirming Liz Truss’s proposed modest relaxation of IR35 (and even that was not enough to allow me to get working again!), you went in the opposite direction, and re-strengthened it.

Then there was the nine-page letter I wrote you in July 2008, giving you the facts about the “climate change” hysteria, and urging you to find out the facts for yourself and vote against the climate change bill, then in its second reading. You failed even to acknowledge my letter, let alone to refute any of the points I made. And you voted FOR the bill.

I have had a few e-mail contacts with you since then, and it looks as if you only respond to questions to which you have a prepared answer that suits YOUR world-view. But as an MP, you are beholden to consider, and to respond justly to, the views of ALL those you are supposed to represent as your “constituents.”

Next, as our American friends like to say, “these messages from your local station.”

Message from FairFuelUK

As one of many hundreds of FairFuelUK supporters in our South West Surrey constituency, I respectfully ask you to attend a Pre-Budget reception in Portcullis House arranged by the Fair Fuel APPG, to talk with MPs: Priti Patel, Craig Mackinlay, Jonathan Gullis, many others and of course Howard Cox founder of FairFuelUK plus other supporting groups calling for the current Fuel Duty level to remain frozen. Even better, for it to be cut in next week’s Budget.

* The Chancellor cannot ignore that the OBR’s 23% duty hike surprise after the Autumn Statement will add 2.3% to inflation, reduce GDP by 1% and cost 37,000 jobs. (Source Cebr). 

* With a fuel duty policy that has proved so successful since 2011, it would be bizarre to change it. Fuel Duty is a regressive tax and hits the poor hardest.

* Why would any Chancellor sanction a tax rise that would shrink the economy, increase inflation, and add more to the dole queue?

I am told the Fair Fuel APPG’s Pre Budget-Reception will be in: Room R, Portcullis House at 3pm to 4:30pm March 8th. Please attend for 10 minutes.

And one more polite ask of you please:

At 2pm also on March 8th, just one hour prior to the Pre Budget-Reception it would be fantastic, if you’d join with Priti Patel, Jonathan Gullis, Craig Mackinlay and Howard Cox in delivering a petition to No 11 and No 10 Downing Street. This ‘don’t hike’ Fuel Duty petition has collected 121,870 Signatures from 1.7m FairFuelUK Supporters, in just a matter of days.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your support of hard pressed drivers in South West Surrey.

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