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Libertarianism.UK Podcast: Michael Liebowitz – Secession in the USA?

In today’s show, our guest is Michael Liebowitz, the spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Connecticut, USA, and author of ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’, a book which discusses how the culture of penitential corrections within the United States encourages crime. We spoke mainly about the merits and chances of individual states within the US seceding from the control of the federal US government. In the discussion, and as prime secession ‘candidates’, we mentioned California, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Alaska. We also spoke about Michael’s book, how he became the spokesman for Connecticut’s Libertarian Party, and a little time on his connection and affiliation with Ayn Rand, along with a short piece on whether Rand’s ‘Galt’s Gulch’ was a fictional example of a successful secession. Timecodes and specific sections, are below.

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You can find out more about Michael’s book, here:

Michael’s own podcast, ‘The Rational Egoist’, can be found here:

The Libertarian Party of Connecticut can be contacted, here:


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