Libertarian Alliance Archive

The Libertarian Alliance (LA) was formed in 1967 and was Britain’s most radical free market and civil liberties think tank. It was disbanded in 2017 around the time of the formation of the Ludwig von Mises Centre (“Mises UK”) and the archives of the Libertarian Alliance are now owned by Mises UK.

The LA  Archives include nearly 800 pamphlets in print and from more than 150 authors, from Peter Tatchell to J. Enoch Powell. The LA attracted widespread press and media interest, and was at the forefront of establishing libertarian ideas as an important part of modern political discourse.

The Purpose and Strategy of the Libertarian Alliance was published as LA Tactical Notes No.1 in 1981 and is available on this web site. It remains the best introductory guide to the organisation by underlining its primary purpose to explain radical free market ideas to members of the public be they students, journalists, businessmen, academics, government officials or anyone else interested in the future.

Building up an influential network of free market scholars and commentators throughout the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and beyond, enabled the Libertarian Alliance to become the major global publishing operation that it was.

In addition to the written word, the Libertarian Alliance Archive also includes many conference videos and other multimedia.