Charitable Status

Following months of investigation by the authorities, and of correspondence, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have agreed to regard the Libertarian Alliance as a charity for tax purposes. This new status has been backdated to the 26th August 2014.

In the next month, we will change all the relevant information on our Blog and on our other website to take account of this change in status. This will include information about how to make tax-deductible donations. For the moment, please take the following as an authoritative statement by the Libertarian Alliance:

1. The Libertarian Alliance is a charitable organisation that exists to advance the objects set forth in our Mission Statement;
2. We do not support any political party, and such support as our Officers may give to any political party is given purely in their personal capacity;
3. While we believe in the rights to life, liberty and property, we do not necessarily endorse any of the essays and comments published on our Blog or website, regardless of whether they are by Officers of the Libertarian Alliance – these are to be seen as contributions to a discussion that we host;
4. While, as part of our commitment to freedom of speech, we support the right to advocate unlawful actions, we do not ourselves advocate any unlawful action;
5. We will solicit and accept donations from individuals and private organisations, but will not solicit or accept donations from any organisation funded by the taxpayers;
6. We will comply with all legal requirements to maintain our charitable status, though should these requirements be changed in a manner that fundamentally conflicts with the objects set forth in our Mission Statement, we will relinquish that charitable status.

Until further authoritative statements have been drafted and published, the above, plus our Mission Statement, is to be regarded as part of the basic constitution of the Libertarian Alliance, and it impliedly withdraws any other statement, of whatever nature, made during the past 36 years that may conflict with it.

Sean Gabb
Director, the Libertarian Alliance
28th February 2015