Mission Statement

Free Life, the Journal of the Libertarian Alliance, exists for the following reasons:

  1. To publish essays and other scholarly works explaining the benefits of political and economic freedom and of toleration in the sense put forth by such philosophers as John Locke, David Hume, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, John Stuart Mill, F.A. von Hayek, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, and many others in both the Austrian School of Economics and the British liberal tradition;
  2. To hold conferences and to appear in the British and international media to explain the above;
  3. To bring to general notice such failings of the British State as may appear from a consideration of the generality of the above;
  4. To train and give general encouragement and support to young writers and philosophers who show interest in the British liberal tradition.

So far as the specific claims of the British liberal tradition, and those of the Austrian School of Economics, are true, the beneficiaries of these objects are the entirety of the human race, without regard to race, religion or sex.

Though they exist to advance a distinct perspective on politics, economics, law and ethics, neither Free Life nor the Libertarian Alliance is affiliated to any political party, and takes no part in electoral politics, either in the United Kingdom or in any other country.