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Various things to report:

1. The Libertarian Alliance Conference last weekend was a great success. I will not single out any contributor of particular praise. Instead, I am working as fast as I can to get the video and audio footage ready for uploading the multimedia section of the LA website.

2. As said, the Libertarian Alliance has now started its own blog. This as yet has little content. But it will grow in time, as have all our efforts to date. You can see our blog here:

3. Though I still doubt whether blogging in the conventional sense suits me, I have decided to incorporate a number of blog-like elements on my own website. The most obvious of these is a comments button for each article. I have so far managed to insert these buttons on about 20% of the Free Life Commentary articles. You can see one of them by looking at my latest article, all about self-publication:

Every time I publish something, I am deluged with e-mails that I hardly ever answer. Now, you can leave your comments for all to see. I might even be more inclined to respond to them if they are public!

4. You may find this article of particular interest, bearing in mind my own biggest news of the week. Last Thursday evening, I had a call from one of the largest publishers in the English-speaking world. I was asked to send a pdf of my novel, The Column of Phocas.

The following Monday morning, I agreed a contract for three novels. The Column of Phocas will now be withdrawn from the market in the New Year and will be retitled and reissued. The sequel is four fifths complete. The third one I will write in the spring.

When I asked the publishing editor why she had moved so fast and against normal procedure, she said some very flattering things about me. Indeed, before making her offer, she had spent several hours looking through the articles on my website, in particular the article on self-publication. She had also read the reviews on Amazon:

If you have something you want published, my advice is not to deluge me with manuscripts that I shall have no more time to read than the various agents and publishers who have already rejected them. It is to publish the book yourself, to promote it as best you can, and then to offer it to mainstream publishers.

And please bear in mind that it is your duty to get published or to publish yourself. The battle of ideas today hardly concerns arguments over how and whether to privatise the cracks between the paving stones. The battle is fought at the cultural level. We must all do our part to ensure that sound, wholesome views of the sort embedded in novels like – er – The Column of Phocas are set before the public.

Of course, I shall withdraw the present edition of the novel after Christmas. The world must then wait for a retitled edition. In the meantime, I do still have a number of copies left. These, I suggest, would make admirable Christmas presents for those hard-to-please loved ones. And, remember, it is not just I and my friend who insists the novel is a good one. It has been snapped up after a day of consideration by major publisher. Get your copy here:

or here:

5. One last point – I was on the new Internet television station 18 Doughty Street last night. It was an enjoyable discussion. I am told I was rather good. I have no idea where to find a video file of the discussion, but I will make this available as soon as possible.

Regards to all,

Sean Gabb
The Libertarian Alliance
Tel: 07956 472 199

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