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I am going on the Internet television station 18 Doughty Street tomorrow
evening the 15th February. I shall be on – I think – around 9:45 GMT,
together with Christian Michel and Brian Micklethwait.

One of your diary, I suggest:

Our Latest Publications:

(By the way, our Editortial director tells me the first of these is “the
LA’s 800th pamphlet! Between them, they’ve been written by around 280
people (although 15 of the “usual suspects” wrote 40% of the LA’s output).)

The Facts Of Reality: Logic And History In Objectivist Debates About
Nicholas Dykes
Philosophical Notes No. 79

Plants, Animals and Climate Change:
Some Ruminations on the Environment
Joe Peacott
Scientific Notes No. 15

First Paragraph of Dykes:

“This paper is a contribution to the long-running anarchy/minarchy debate.
It is in five parts. Part I responds to a critique of anarchism by David
Kelley.1 Part II revisits individual rights, the protection of which is
at the root of the debate. Part III examines the proposition ?government
is justified because it protects rights.? Part IV looks at the premise
?government is essential to protect rights,? while Part V reconsiders some
of Ayn Rand?s historical views in light of the evidence discussed”

First Paragraph of Peacott:

“A number of years ago I wrote a couple of pamphlets about the politics of
AIDS.1 At the time there was a vast amount of mis- and disinformation
about AIDS, its causes, its methods of transmission, and the risks it
posed to individuals being peddled as science and fact. I argued that many
scientists, much of the AIDS activist movement, and most of the mainstream
media either ignored data that was inconvenient to their analysis or
circulated “facts” that were simply untrue in order to scare people into
supporting one political agenda or another. Now that global warming has
replaced AIDS as the current threat to the existence of humanity, if not
the world, I see similar politicking, suppression of debate,
misunderstanding, and manipulation of the scientific data being used to
deceive people.”

Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance
Tel: 07956 472 199

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