A year on from the passing of Dr. Chris R. Tame and there is a ghost in the machine

Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of the LA’s founder and former Director Dr. Chris R. Tame.

While my wife and I had a few of Chris’s old friends around to our London home for dinner, on Saturday a small team of LA stalwarts took a boat out from Ramsgate and finally scattered Chris’s ashes in the English Channel. Led by LA Director Dr. Sean Gabb it was a thoughtful and moving voyage.

Having arrived in Ramsgate earlier on Saturday afternoon the LA team – Dr. and Mrs Gabb, David Carr, Dr. Helen and Petica Evans – and I all met up at Rebecca Baty’s house for a cup of coffee. We then walked with Rebecca through the town centre down to the harbour.

On the way, I stopped off at a cash machine to get some money out. On withdrawal I suddenly noticed that I had received my first twenty pound note with Adam Smith on it.

It was a magical moment that reinforced the many achievements of Chris’s life. As if the product of a ghost in the machine the twenty pound note in my hand was a small yet tangible demonstration that we really do live in a world governed by ideas.

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