8 June 2007 LA Putney Debate: Brian Micklethwait’s Thoughts on the Surveillance Calculation Debate

The speaker at the LA Putney Debate on Friday 8 June 2007 will be the British libertarian activist and blogger Brian Micklethwait who will talk about his ‘Thoughts on the Surveillance Calculation Debate’.

Today, Britain is awash with private and publicly funded cameras and surveillance. As technology abounds and individuals and institutions are increasingly able to watch and spy on each other what does the future hold for traditional notions of freedom and privacy?

As important a debate as Ludwig von Mises’s Socialist Calculation Debate of the 1920s and 1930s what insights and lessons can libertarians offer for this most pressing of contemporary debates?

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  1. Hi Tim, I’ve sent you two mails to your address above asking you about the details of the venue (location etc). Do you check your mail or is there anything wrong with your address? I try again or I will try to contact you by phone tomorrow.


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