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1. I have written a new book. Rather, I have revised and doubled the length of a book I wrote in 2003. The title is “Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and how to Get It Back”.

This looks at the capture of power in England by a neo-Marxist ruling class, explains the function and future progress of political correctness, and suggests various strategies for victory.

This book was very well-received when the first version appeared. The new version is much better.

You can download and print this book for free by going to this address:

You will need to look down the page for the download link. But it is there.

If you agree that it is a good book, I ask you to send me some money. I want £2,000 in order to print 1,000 copies and send these free through the post to various politicians and journalists and other opinion formers. I also want – perhaps more constructively – to distribute it to students and other persons who may find it useful or interesting.

There are further links on the page that allow you to donate as much or as little as you can or will. If you want to buy a copy of the book, be aware that printed copies will not be available until August 2007.

It may be that, when you have read it, you do not wish to contribute to the printing costs. If this is so, please do consider leaving your comments on the link at the bottom of the page. Comments on the text or on the inescapable typing errors would be much appreciated.

2. I have been experimenting with Google Videos, and have uploaded a number of files. These are:

The Turks Celebrate Their Capture of Constantinople in 1453

Speech by Sean Gabb on the British Cultural Revolution, London, 28th October 2005

Speech by Sean Gabb on Islam, London, 9th September 2005

Committing the Ashes of Chris R. Tame to the Sea, Ramsgate, March 2007

Sean Gabb, Speech “What’s Wrong with British Conservatism?”, ICA, London, 15th February 2005

Sean Gabb, Speech “Demography and History”, Turkey, May 2007

Sean Gabb, Speech “Conservatism and History”, Turkey, May 2006

Interview with Paul Gottfried, Turkey, May 2007

Best wishes,

Sean Gabb
Director, The Libertarian Alliance
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Download my new book – “Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How
Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get It Back” –

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