Sean Gabb on Leadership

Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 164
11th September 2007

Before Signing off, Some Reflections
on the Failure of Political Leadership
by Sean Gabb

I have written nothing on politics in over two months. For
reasons that I think it would be tasteless to broadcast in
advance, my home circumstances seem about to change so
profoundly that I am not sure how much time I shall have
for political writing of any kind. This may, therefore, be
my last Free Life Commentary for a while. Bearing in mind
the date, I could write about the American Bombings of
September 2001. But I really have nothing to say about
these and the consequent wars that I have not said many
times already. Besides, just about everyone else is
writing about these things; and I am vain enough to think
myself a soloist and not part of a chorus. And so I will
write about what I see as the main failure of political
leadership in this country since the forced retirement of
Margaret Thatcher in November 1990….

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