LA News Release: Shut Down DNA Database

Sean Gabb 

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Release Date: Saturday 23rd February 2008
Release Time: Immediate

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“Close Down the DNA Database” Says Libertarian Alliance

The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties pressure group, today calls on the British Government to close down its DNA database and wipe the records.

The murder convictions of Steve Wright and Mark Dixie within the past few days – both allegedly as a result of DNA evidence – have led to calls for all British adults to be forcibly included in the DNA database.

Libertarian Alliance Director, Sean Gabb, says:

“These calls are not prompted by the recent convictions. The convictions are being made an excuse for rolling out plans that have long existed in the Home Office.

“We do not need a database state to fight crime. That needs real punishments for real crimes and efficient policing. These things alone could take crime back to the levels of the 1950s.

“We are told these two murders were only solved by using DNA matching. This may be true – though the police are notorious liars. Even so, catching two murderers, though important, is not worth a database state.

“Give the Government samples of our DNA and it will have potentially tyrannical powers over us. You may insist you have nothing to fear from a database of your DNA. After all, the authorities keep promising how much safer it will make you. But do you want your children to go on that database? Can you be sure that some demented government scientist two decades from now will not decide that the surest way to heaven on earth is to stop certain people from breeding? Can you be sure that your children will not show up negative on a DNA database that will have enabled an old authoritarian fantasy to be made into bureaucratic reality?

“Are there no criminal tendencies somewhere in your family background? No racial or sexual characteristics that may one day be again be as unfashionable as they have been in other times and places? No bad eyes or flat feet? No predisposition to obesity or illnesses that it will for the foreseeable future be expensive to treat on the National Health Service?

“Bear in mind that, with a certainty not known since the 1940s, the relevant scientists are proclaiming that your destiny is in your genes. This may be true. Whatever the case, it is and will remain the consensus. Can you believe it will never be attractive to politicians ignorant of the science, but struggling with the problems of crime control and ballooning health budgets?

“Do you want grandchildren? Or do you want to risk seeing your genes scientifically combed from the general pool?”

The Libertarian Alliance calls on the British Government to reject all proposals to expand the existing DNA database, and to wipe all records so far gathered.



  1. I couldn’t agree more, but it won’t happen. Apparently, British children are going to be cataloged and tracked like cattle, and, when that happens, they will have the same rights.

  2. I have always agreed that if you force people “to do stuff for their own good”, such as “not smoke” or “wear seat belts”, for instance, then you turn them into your farm animals.

    More seriously, as a scientist myself, and with even a microbiology degree, I worry about the Immortal Souls of those scientists helping the government to create the thing. I wonder how they can sleep at night?

  3. The knowledge which we as Man have now had the privilege to understand, form 50+ years ago, about what DNA is, how it works and what it does (and it is for itself and not us of course) compares with the grand and important breakthrough into the realm of “the atom”, 60+ years ago.

    These two advances compare in importance with – tools – the smelting of metals – the devising of the Wheeled Plough (think about that one) – the realisation that the solar system was heliocentric – the understanding of electricity –

    Indeed, they may both be more important, for it is these which will enable Man to have the instruments with which to confound the apparent inevitability of extinction on one planet, and help him to propel us and ours, into the wider universe, where they may be other opportunities (or there may not, we shall have to see, and many ships will die in the attempt I predict) before it’s too late. But we must try.

    But if all that the Tele-Stalinized “masses” (horrible word – they are sovereign individuals like us, but currently they are in Chains) think that “DNA” is for, is for being confiscated, from everybody, so as to ease the catching of murderers of page-friendly-dead-girls who “photographed well”, then we are actually lost.

    I am not suggesting that we should shoot, today, right now, all the “FORENSICS AND SOCIOLOGY” faculty-staff of today’s British “universities”, or even the journalists who interview the tormented parents of murdered photogenic girls (why is it always girls?) but I wonder what Auberon Waugh would have to say about these sad cases.

    But if

  4. One thing that concerns me about a government DNA database of the entire population is it makes it ever so easy to fit someone up for a crime. Their DNA is on file so it can be “found” on any artefact that the authorities might want.

    Add to that the fact that the DNA database and every other facility and power that the British state is arrogating to itself will soon be in the hands of Brussels. However, corrupt the enemy class in Britain is their equivalents in Brussels are worse. The standard of people we can expect to be in charge is the same as those that covered up and obstructed the investigation of the Dutroux paedophile scandal in Belgium.

    I very doubtful that it will ever get round to eugenics, as I think the whole house of cards will come down round every ones ears first; But in the meantime, I really don’t want this power in the hands of the enemy class and their Brussels masters.

  5. Dave:

    The underlying reason for those vast press orgies of exposure concerning lurid “child sex” murders is simple. It’s a way of marketing child sex to an eager audience.

    In tests performed in Washington State, USA, subjects had little pressure-sensitive cuffs fastened around their willies. They were then shown “kiddie porn.” Fully a third of the subjects evidenced ‘arousal.’

    Whereas violent sex criminals showed no arousal at all.

    Since the Mass Media would find it difficult to blatantly merchandise kiddie porn, they instead play “Ain’t it Awful!” with their readers, dwelling lasciviously on every lurid detail, and finishing off with a vacuous rhetorical flourish against “paedophiles.”

    In clinical practice, ‘paedophiles’ are people with a paraphilic attraction to pre-pubertal children. Almost none of the actual cases featured in the mass media concern pre-pubertal children, but instead they feature mostly attractive post-pubertal youngsters.

    Millions of years of evolution have evolved human sexuality, whereby one person’s genes are attracted to another person’s genes. It’s _normal_, in other words. It might not be a good idea to encourage it: however, all that matters is whether there is informed consent. If there is, there can be no “crime.”

    If our society were serious about protecting young people (indeed, all of us) from all kinds of harm, it would issue them with SARA radio alarms, which transmit an ID and GPS co-ordinates upon voluntary activation. All these calls would be logged, and with policing divided into “Blue Teams, Red Teams, Green Teams” we could see who answers the emergency calls first. Who _we_ choose.

    Every contractor in Iraq has these gadgets.

    Any other functions of the police are mostly unwanted Social Control measures from a hostile Army of Occupation.



  6. Interesting thesis, and sounds plausible, Tony. I had not thought of it like that – I thought we were all supposed to be conditioned not to like kiddi[porn…

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