Here is Sean’s UKIP Speech from Exeter 8th March 2008

On 8th March 2008, Sean Gabb spoke by invitation, in his capacity as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, to a UKIP rally held at Exeter University. The title of his talk was “National Independence is not enough”. 

The speech was well-received at the time, and Sean wrote this eulogy about his outing. he was detailed to speak to at least one more such rally in Morecambe in the North West, which would have been on 29th March – and possibly others.

Objections were raised inside UKIP and on “democracyforum” about some of the content, as a result of which UKIP’s leadership issued a blanket ban on Sean appearing on any UKIP platform again. You can read his blogpost for us on that link just above.

Watch it in detail above, and draw conclusions!


  1. Your comments were very much misrepresented on the democracyforum. To the point of being libelous I would suggest, and therefore, I withdraw my comments made on that forum and apologise.

    I will learn one day to get the other side of the story before making comment!

  2. Thanks for that. Be assured – I once vowed I’d never sue anyone for libel. I shall only break that vow if there is a very good chance of great enrichment.

  3. I also thank Matt (see above) for his candid and open comments. In spite of what happened to Sean, I also would support UKIP still, unless a UK Libertarian Party candidate was standing, in whihc case I would vote for him/her instead.

    It is not possible for a British libertarian to vote for fully-avowedly-socialist parties such as “new” “Labour”, and since the tories are still ideolgically useless and David Lord Sutch is dead, UKIP and LPUK are the only alternatives.

  4. I agree. I was a UKIP member, but simply grew out of the party. Most of the members are well meaning and I hold no grudge against them.

    They will still be my choice for EU elections, as they really are the protest vote for those joke elections.

    I am now a Libertarian party supporter and will do I can for my new home. At the end of the day though, I realise we are simply planting seeds at the moment, thus I will take a pragmatic aproach when it comes to elections.

    I will never trust any of the old career parties again. Thus if I do not run myself, I will look at any of the other parties that run against them as an option.

    Breaking the stranglehold of the overlord establishment is the first step and that is my focus for now.

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