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Sean Gabb

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‘Slimming Down Government’:
The First Chris R. Tame Memorial Lecture,
held at the National Liberal Club, London, on the 18th March 2008
Professor David Myddelton 

Personal Perspectives, No. 23

ISSN 0267 7156                  ISBN 9781856377478

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© 2008: Libertarian Alliance; Professor David Myddelton.

Professor David Myddelton is Emeritus Professor of Finance and Accounting at Cranfield University, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Institute of Economic Affairs and Chairman of the National Council of the Society for Individual Freedom. In the late 1960s he was involved in the Young Libertarians along with the Libertarian Alliance’s founder Dr. Chris R. Tame..

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We originally billed this as “how to cure Government Obesity” – but in promoting it now to a wider audience, we applied a less flippant title!

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