Sean v Archbishop’s Man re Poverty

(Note: this was published in 2009, but since the current Archbishop of Canterbury has also sold his soul to the GramscoFabiaNazis, and is a critic of liberal capitalism having madee lots of money in it previously, we have retrieved this post.)

Sean Gabb

I’ve been invited on the radio tonight to debate with one of the senior advisers to the Archbishop of Canterbury on whether high salaries should be “capped” in order ot help the poor.

I shall probably be allowed about three discontinuous minutes, while the majority of time goes to some clerical communist droning on about “compassion”. However, what I will try to argue is as follows:

The salaries of those who work for the State come from a forcible transfer of wealth, often form the poor. Such slaries should be capped at £20,000. The salaries and rewards of those who run big business and the City are often based on a grant of state privilege. Such people should be exposed to real market competition.

But most people who do well in this country do so by offering goods and services on terms that others find attractive. Their wealth is justly acquired, and it is immoral to call for it to be taken away. Certainly,
what I earn is for me and my wife and daughter. It is not for some feckless prole in a council flat. The modern Church of England would never dream of calling for the regulation of what consenting adults do
with each other in bed. Why therefore call for controls on what they do with their cash?

Beside this, the whole idea of capping the rich is based on evil premises. The assumption behind these calls is that England is like some gigantic ant heap in which the few own and control the many. This assumption destoys all scope for exercising the free will on which salvation is supposed to depend.

Now, I shan’t be able to say much of this. But YOU CAN HELP!

Please tune in, either with your wireless or via the Internet. Try to call, e-mail or text your points across. You will probably be filtered out to make room for more whining communists. But it’s worth the effort. Do this if you live in england. But why not give it a try from abroad? If you think the Christian Faith is worth saving from the Left, here is an opportunity.

Here are the details:

From 10pm onwards – though me probably around midnight: 22:00 Stephen Nolan Show

Wireless frequency: 909 or 693 khz AM

Call 0500 909 693 [free from BT landlines; charges for mobiles and other
networks will vary].

Text 85058 [network rates].


Good luck.


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  1. I missed this one Sean, but I managed to hear your last appearance on Nolan’s show. Is he really that big in real life?

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