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David Davis

Go here. This is the National Post on the continuing supression of any pro-Western comment in Canada, which is being conducted, sadly, by supposed Canadians. What an absloute bummer that is, eh? You’d think that Canada has been invaded and occupied by a FOREIGN POWER, form the way these gestapo sondergerichte are behaving.

I’m really not sure what the Libertarian Alliance can do about this, except report it from time to time. Free speech and freedom of publication in Canada will be degraded a little more than it has been already. 

I guess that if people like us were what Stalin called “serious”, we would all buy return tickets on Amerian Airlines, then we would NOT cause the planes to fly into the CHRC building, we would shoot the “complainants” , we would then “claim responsibility”, and we would fly home in triumph. But I guess this will not be.

But I guess we are not “serious”. We just think freedom is important, and what is it worth without life? If you are dead, the concept of individual freedom is imaginary.


  1. Dave:

    Many brave men and women have given their lives for freedom. The freedoms we now have depend on their gift, even as they are dead (if they are).

    The concept is far from imaginary. Objective knowledge is _real_.

    “And while knowledge is worth dying for, power is not. (Knowledge is one of the few things that are worth dying for, together with liberty, love, kindness, and helping those who are in need of help).”

    by Karl R. Popper

    from “Realism and the Aim of Science”

    Volume I of “The Postscript to The Logic of Scientific Discovery”

    Edited by William Warren Bartley, III, Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford.

    Publ. Hutchinson, 1983, pb. 1985

    Copyright Karl Raimund Popper 1956, 1983

    As I understand it, Mark Steyn _hopes_ to be found guily. He can then appeal to higher, _real_ Courts. In any event, it is unlikely that he will shut up.

    Here’s on of Donovan’s best songs:

    “180 were challenged by Travis to die
    By a line that he drew with his sword as the battle drew nigh
    A man that crossed over the line was for glory
    And he that was left better fly
    And over the line crossed 179

    Hey, Up Santa Ana, they’re killing your soldiers below
    So the rest of Texas will know
    And remember the Alamo

    Jim Bowie lay dying, the blood and the sweat in his eyes
    But his knife at the ready to take him a few in reply
    Young Davy Crocket lay laughing and dying
    The blood and the sweat in his eyes
    For Texas and freedom a man was more willing to die

    Hey, Up Santa Ana, they’re killing your soldiers below
    So the rest of Texas will know
    And remember the Alamo

    A courier came to a battle once bloody and loud
    And found only skin and bones where he once left a crowd
    Fear not, little darling, of dying
    If this world be sovereign and free
    For we’ll fight to the last for as long as liberty be

    Hey, Up Santa Ana, they’re killing your soldiers below
    So the rest of Texas will know

    And remember the Alamo ”



  2. The Canadian matter is deeply disturbing. The use of political correctness tribunals to multcult the society is bad news.

    The recent Islamic move on the free speech deal is all about not allowing free speech in the disquise of arguing for it. The political agenda here is very clear, holler on about insults to us in the name of a right of reply. The odious fairness doctrine by a devious route.

    Personally, if the fairness doctrine comes about in Canada, the US or the UK it would be wise to use it agains the other side with a vengance. The left may not understand unintended consequences such as forcing all those liberal channels to make space for counter libertarian comment.

    If libertarians and others make it clear we will do this, the other side might, and I stress might, not go there with the bogus fairness doctrine.

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