DAVID DAVIS (the shadow home secretary, not me!) resigns in protest over “42 days” detention scammed in by British Soviet guvmint via shady deal with 9 disaffected N-I “prods”)

David Davis (No, I’m not the shadow home secretary!)

Sky news has it here. For overseas readers, he’s resigning to force a by-election to test public opinion about this nazi government’s plans to detain “terrorist suspects” for up to 42 days before having to charge or release them.

It’ll be interesting to see whether he wins back again. Polls indicate a large majority of British in favour of “42 days”, which is disturbing. See my article about MAGNA CARTA of yesterday, a little way down. I’m running if Firefox right now as explorer got attacked again ten minutes ago and I can’t link up yet, sorry. (I’ve done it now, so Ok.)

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