LET’S DRINK THE ETERNAL HEALTH OF THE IRISH PEOPLE … until they are forced to vote again.

David Davis (the other one)

Here’s Fraser Nelson, always a rollocking liberal read.

The deliberate, studied, single-minded, and really really quite imaginatively-tyrannical-while-seeming-caring-and-solicitous (like inventing a Guillotine to kill you more quickly, efficiently and painlessly) attitudes, displayed today by the various EU-panjandrums, does not defy belief, for we all know these guys are soviet apparatchiks.

Who remembers, for example, “Euro-Communism” from the 70s, a tautologous concept but quite clever?

The Irish will be forced to vote again on a “revised” treaty, at some time in the future, which contains 100% of the content of the present (dead) one.

The panjandrums are thinking tonight, “what part of “yes” do these fuckers not understand?”


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