MAGNA CARTA will be signed tomorrow, 15th June. Bookmark it today.

David Davis

 It is of course a disaster of Cosmic proportions, that no such event will happen tomorrow, in this year of 2008.

We are descending into a new Dark Age, and at present I cannot see what can be done about this. It’s the faulr of liberals, for being asleep while pre-capitalist Gramsco-Marxian “Liberals” took over the Universities, the Schools, the State (which was previosjly fairly minimal and declining in power) and the Levers of power. These people, being social misfits and hankerers-after-an-imaginary-arcadia-of-smiling-peasants-and-benign-overlords, have never had any attachment to the (actually-achievable) ideal of individual liberty in an environment with no observable tyrant present. The very idea of such a document as Magna Carta being conceived, let alone signed by a ruler, must be alien to them.

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