www.daviddavisforfreedom.com launches tomorrow, 17th June 2008

Bookmark it. Tip from Guido Fawkes.


(This is our 700th post.)

ITEM:- On David Davis’s Facebook proifle, it says “David Davis has no friends.” Can we all do somthing about this please?



  1. Dear David.

    Thank God the bull dog spirit isn’t dead, people died in there thousands in the two wars,fighting for our freedom, why is it MP’s lose contact with their constituants once elected? this situation is becoming very serious, your party MUST connect with the people or we will be looking at a disaster in a few years time. the Labour Party have taken the GREAT out of Great Britain, you MUST bring it back.
    I have spent 15 yrs in India and think we would be better having an alliance with them rather than close ties with Europe, products could be invented here and developed in India, our ideas their brains and braun. I wish you all the best in your crusade. You must not fail . !!! Andrew Lord Ipswich.

  2. Dear David,

    I had practically given up hope for the future of my country until you made your gallant public stand.
    How can anyone believe anything this government and many M.P.s say after the blatant
    breaking of their promise about a referendum on Europe?
    The list of horrors introduced by this government
    is frightening.
    I wish I could send a donation to help in your campaign, but we are scratching to keep our heads above water.
    I pray that your honesty and courage will inspire
    many more men and women of honour to join you publicly in your stand.
    God bless and guide you in your fight to save this country of ours. Marian Barstow

  3. Please confirm that 42 day detention law would apply to anyone suspected of a serious crime, not just terrorism. Lots of arguments about this at the moment due mainly to all media referring to this only in the context of detaining terrorist suspects. Please clarify.

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