1. My thoughts towards the Welfare State are that there really shouldn’t be any need for it to be controlled completely by the government, and it shouldn’t be mandatory to pay for it either.

    Of course people want insurance against unemployment and sickness, but the way things are at the moment it is doing more harm than good, if only in the minds of the people who are actually paying for it. Perhaps it would be possible to make at least some of the welfare optional, as in you have a tick-box section on the P45 form on which you can choose if you want to purchase unemployment insurance and healthcare.

    There would have to be an upper limit apart from certain cases where the individual cannot work again, but it would reduce social resentments and you can be sure the standard of service would be fart better that it is now. Strange that, isn’t it?

    PS David I want to wish you a smooth election campaign and thank you for making a stand for us all. Despite whether or not they put up any opposition, you’ve made the point, and you can be sure people will start to think differently about this detention issue from now on.

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