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The important thing to remember about the EU is that (as Sean Gabb often says) although it could be a real problem for liberty, it is not THE _main_ problem for liberty in the UK – or Britain, or England, or whatever might survive as the residuary legatee of liberalism in these Islands.

No, liberty’s problem in these Islands is different. It is the burgeoning-and-over-burgeoned bureaucratic socialist class (which Sean Gabb correctly calls “the Enemy Class”.) This class lives by Gramsco-Marxian analyses of what it sees as “our” problems, and therefore it is utterly inimical to English (in _particular_) culture, historiography and civilisation. It therefore _uses_ the EU (a specially-created weapon to oppose individual liberty, following as a quick emergency-measure after the unplanned defeat of Hitler) as a convenient battering-ram to undo centuries of built-up consensus about how people ought to live, and thus to continue the “project” (that is to say, international socialism.)

But this is a fun video, hilarious if its implications were not so sinister. I don’t like the look of the security men. I would have to kick their teeth in, in a dark alley, to get away. (Or not.) They look a bit like I imagine Stalin’s boot-boys did at Katyn, and other such places. I am not suggesting, like Auberon Waugh would happily have done, that we should have all these EU guard-buggers shot today, but perhaps Libertarians might agree to deprive them of the Franchise for the rest of their lives in any country or jurisdiction whatsoever where they might flee to (even in Venezuela and Southern Rhodesia) as a public penalty – to bear in front of others – for agreeing to take such jobs in the first place.

God gave Men free will. Men did _not_ have to serve socialists: they were _not_ forced to, nor were these guards, or the MEPs who hid from the camera, etc.

People who love liberty, even libertarians, who love it quite a lot, _must_ in the end, come to terms with what I want to call _the will to inflict defeat_ … People who have deliberately chosen the path of socialism will need “purgatory”, which is to say: to suffer, in life, a kind of moral living death: the sort of things their philosphers have inflicted on countless millions of others, even unto physical-death.

I would not do the physical-death thing: apart from anything, as I do not have the right to inflict it on anyone, then I believe that no Libertarian State (a tautology?) could exercise it on my behalf. It is more important to have all prominent socialist “proselyt-izors” suffer social and interactional humiliation, throughout artificially-prolonged lives, medically if necessary, for the harm they have done.

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