More lovely stuff, from a Texan this time, about CFLs and Incandescent Light Bulbs

David Davis

What a Nazi-leftist-anti-progress-anti-individual-clever-non-moonbat load of shysters we have allowed to dominate us, while our back was turned.

What shall we do about this?

For one thing, there is more Tungsten ore on the planet, mineable, than for Mercury. As far as long term predicted reserves of either are concerned, both are effectively unlimited as is the case for every element – but Mercury has more interesting and esoteric uses, such as the flotation surface for glass-production. Too sad to use it in lighting devices instead.

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  1. I am rarely proud of any of our politicians, or indeed other countries’, but Representative Poe “did good”, as they say. What is surprising is how few people I have talked to appear to know about this prohibition and what it will mean.

    California is mooting a law to oblige all homeowners to install remotely controlled, sealed thermostats which can be turned up or down a few degrees during times of high energy demand. The homeowner will have no control over this, apparently, with the local utility or government entity doing the dialling.

    If I see one more “we are green” sign I shall expire, I think. It’s a nice excuse to go fascist (and I use the term in it’s real meaning: government control of privately owned enterprise and people). It does cause some amusement at times, though, such as when Ford Motor Company introduces a “green SUV”, or Honda runs a green Formula 1 car.

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