Guns. People. Defence. Crime. Time for a re-think.

David Davis

I could not help but feel so sorry for the two French science students in this murder-story. And the girlfriend of one of them, who looks just like my wife looked 20 years ago. (Lucky me (then), lucky him (recently) but sadly he’s dead now, and so the poor wretched girl is now alone.) What a bloody embarrassment it causes too, because of statism, and the socialist policies that engender it. It makes us, as a nation, look like prats, that we seem deliberately to produce buggers like whoever did this, via (the enemy class’s) “education system”.

Science students: researching at ICL. What a f*****g waste of talent and future help for humanity, that socialism, and Nazi-gun-control, causes, and will cause.

IF WE ARE TO HAVE completely-unsocialised adult hominids (I assume it was an adult or adults who did it) roaming our cities and our country, then a rethink about our protection is overdue.

The British State (crazed as it is with fear of worker’s-uprisings-since-1917) has signally failed to safeguard our bodies from the evil acts of products of its education experiments (which it performed on purpose, because its socio-droids have hated, hate, and will hate, us and what we believe in and stand for.) There is not one remaining group of liberal English-cultural-people  – which includes the French, who ought to be our friends – for which socialism and Fabian ideas have not reserved the torments that Dante categorized as being explicitly for the damned.

It is time for ordinary, good people to carry guns. Small but lethal ones at short range. Today. Always, and until further notice. Perhaps it’s not time to arm ordinary taxpayers with automatic rifles, but that time may come. We shall have to suck it and see.  If people can’t go about their lawful business, like playing computer games at home, without this protection, then guns (and, more important, ammunition for same,) is what they must have.

But the opposition will be vociferous, massive, numerous and well-funded. This is the nature of modern state Stalinism.

I’m not suggesting, however, that in retaliation, all the puchchair-wielding yummy-mummies from Harpenden and from Formby and from Limpsfield, who will be featuring in the anti-gun-demonstrations as being against “all guns”, and all of whom are to be well-filmed by the BBC, should be mown down in a hail of automatic fire. No. Guns will simply have to be made freely available to all those non-crims, such as French science students, who want to play computer games without hinderance, and without any fuss.

I’m sure there’s a EUroLaw somewhere that will allow it: there seems to be for everything else. Clever chaps these enarques – they want to be seen to have thought of everything.

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