If Zanu-Laborg can’t find anyone to stand in Glasgow, then a Libertarian should offer to do it for them …

… on certain conditions.

David Davis (not that one…)

Here’s a report of what’s happening, for the benefit of foreign readers.

A Libertarian, keen to make this a proper contest, for the benefit of representative democracy, could offer him/herself to Zanu-Laborg, as a prospective Parliamentary Candidate. Since there will be nobody else with a brain, all the other possibles being “gamma-minus” semi-morons who think Labour is a good thing, the local committee will have to accept the Libertarian.

He/she will insist on campaigning on a minimal-statist, pro-capitalist, anti-EU, post-barbarian, liberal civil liberties platform, or else he/she will refuse to stand, and the buggers will have nobody who can win against the SNP – their worst nightmare.

This libertarian candidate will succeed in hoovering up all the “pocket” labour votes, (since none of them will read the detail of what he/she says) and Labour will win, and Brown will live to fight another … hour. The Tories should support this as the longer Brown stays in power, the better the Tories will do in the end in 2010, and the further down into the cesspit Labour will be cast, for longer.

In return for selling its soul to liberalism as defined by libertarians, Zanu-Laborg will get more life, for a bit longer. This will also have the benign effect of shifting all the parties’ positions firther towards freedom and further from helotism.



  1. Fiendishly clever, but I don’t see the socialists going for it, although I admit that the voters of Glasgow will reliably vote for any label as long as it’s socialist, after all whatever lies below the label is not their fault or responsibility. But as for shifting them from helotism, they were born to it.

  2. Never mind an epsilon-semi-moron; Scottish Labour would rather pick a zeta-total-moron or a re-animated corpse than anyone who was capable of independent thought or conscience, even if the person was on a thought-holiday. Scottish Labour are really just a tribe of Orcs, Morlocks and willing-helots led by progressive gangsters.

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