… Would YOU want to bid, huge amounts, for any of this stuff?

… or, like me, would you PAY to have it antiseptically removed? Zanu-Laborg is in trouble, and very very bust. It is having a car-boot-sale.

As follows:- Here are the lots. Everything is in RED as it’s quoted from “New” “Labour’s” “web” “site” :-

Last year’s sports celebration dinner at Wembley Stadium was the most successful fundraiser in Labour’s history. We raised a fantastic amount of money that continues to make a big difference up and down the country. The live auction was at the heart of this success with so many people playing their part by bidding for the unique lots on offer.

On Thursday July 10, to help raise funds for Labour’s campaign to fight and win the next General Election, we are having a second sports celebration dinner at Wembley. And, we’re offering you the chance to bid for many exclusive items.

We’ve a fantastic array of amazing items on offer. This is a great opportunity for you to not only have a look at the items, but for the very first time, to have the chance to bid in advance.

If you’d like to attend the Sports Dinner click here>>
If you’d like to bid on an item click here>>
Important information for bidders about donations to political parties


Specially commissioned Antony Gormley work of art
A tennis match with Tony Blair

Visit to museum on Robben Island in South Africa

Lunch with Sir Alex Ferguson and watch Manchester United train

Joe Calzaghe fight tickets and signed boxing gloves

Swim with Little Britain star, David Walliams

Aston Martin race day experience

Day in the studio with Pete Waterman

VIP days at the races

Sculpture by Kirsty Tinkler

Be a character in Alastair Campbell’s new novel
Table tennis coaching with Matthew Syed
Join Devon Malcolm at England – South Africa test match
VIP Formula 1 Grand Prix race tickets
A day with Dickie Bird
Tea for two with Ruth Rendell and signed copy of her latest novel
X-Factor tickets and meet the panel
Manchester United, Portsmouth and Tottenham signed football shirts
Tea with Nancy Dell’Olio at Claridges
Signed bottles of House of Lords Port
Signed bottles of Speaker’s Malt Whisky

Gerald Warner has some interesting asides about it too. (He’s more uncharitable than I am – he thinks it’s a “fire-sale”.)

I have to admit, being a liberal neocon bumpkin, that I have no clue what about half of this stuff actually is. Who, for example, is “David Walliams”? (is this a misprint?) Or, what is a “Kirsty Tinkler”, or a “Joe Calzaghe”, or a “Devon Malcolm?” Is he (or she?) a generic person from Devon?

Would I perhaps want to pay NOT TO HAVE TO PLAY tennis with Tony Blair?

These people continue, triumphantly in their mistakenly-courageous fashion, to display the awesomely deep, and perhaps terminally-unbridgeable chasm, between themselves and others.

Others? This is to say, normal, uncorrupted, un-Fabianized, human beings, who like music, sport, Ford Mondeos, computer games, pubs and smoking convivially together, and want the best for their children.

In the unlikely event of our ultimate victory, agaisnt these forces of darkness, for whom even Alastair Campbell is having difficulty raising interest, I have no clue about what is to be done with such persons, at all. Discuss.

PS and who are “Antony Gormley” and “Ruth Rendell”? they sound dangerously like politicians to me, which is what they probably are if they are in bed with “New” “Labour”.


  1. Congratulations on a successful election David. I don’t know though, there are some good bits there, the Calzaghe fight and the F1 wouldn’t go amiss. Ah, and Ruth Rendell’s a mystery writer, or so I seem to remember.

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