Teen, crime, boredom, knives, murder, work.

David Davis

Thank God somebody’s got round to saying it. I wish we had first, but you can’t have everything in life.

Truly, it is impossible to face reality, without being a conservative first.

Thank you, Johnathan Pearce!


  1. Dave:

    I tend not to read anything emanating from ‘Samizdata.’

    They’re not critical, and they’re not rational either.

    If you doubt this, try discussing “9/11” with them reasonably. It’s impossible. They cannot allow themselves to doubt the “Official Conspiracy Theory” (“19 men with boxcutters destroyed half of New York under the control of a ragtop in a cave in Afghanistan.”)

    Preposterous, silly nonsense, which allowed a criminal clique to seize control of the U.S. Government. (A fact that they cannot accept, even though their ideology tells them that governments in fact often behave like that. Including Blair’s on 7/7).

    Most libertarians have no problem with allowing people to carry concealed firearms. And we’re worrying about _knives_, fer Chrissake??



  2. Why is it always watermelons that get trashed?

    Is it something to do with that curiously prescient film, “The Day of the Jackal”?

    There is a bottle-opener ( = cork remover) along these lines. We have one. From the early 60s.

  3. Dave:

    We had one of those bottle-openers, and that use never occurred to me! I wonder if they’re still on sale?

    I think the poor old water-melons get it because of stories of frustrated men using them as sex objects. >:-}

    I saw Izabella Scorupco in “Goldeneye” yesterday. Heavens, but she’s a fine-looking woman (Polish!). If you haven’t seen her as Alex, the military helicopter pilot in “Reign of Fire” (a superb movie), go rent it now!



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