More good news about the death of green-ness

Good stuff.

Hat tip Moonbattery. We here have always sais that green-nazism was, is and for ever will be a toy-belief-system of rich socialists, who have nothing better to think about.

How socialists got rich in the first place, or whether they got to be socialists via some sort of accident after becoming rich, is the subject of another fruitful discussion, I think.

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  1. I’ve had something in mind for this for a while, it concerns the timescale and conditions of Industrialization

    (what’s the difference between American English and British English regarding that? Is it correct that there are ‘s’ for one and ‘z’ for another?)

    Ahem, which could have happened earlier – or later – than it did. Dave, you’re right to disregard these people, from what I have seen, Al Gore included, they have put forward no assertive answers to the effects of industrialization ( which is the axiom of the debate) other than to suggest, in the face of any Engineer or Scientist worth a smile, that we can solve our problems by crude and pathetic measures like fan devices and following King Canute on a mass scale. We were lucky to get what we got from the Greeks, and as I say we should be remembered like then in terms. But as good ideas don’t always come from places thought well endowed, we should have a quiet think, few minutes, and later on maybe we’ll crack their backs. Well, if you see my point.

    I wanted to say something about Nikola Tesla. So I have.

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