Mikhail Gorbachev in the Washington Post does not agree with me about Georgia

David Davis

And he’ll get more readers than I do.

But at least Kerplunk thinks this instead.

Thank God for Kerplunk.


  1. Dave:

    Thank Heaven for Mikhail Gorbachev!

    Not least, for lifting the nuclear shadow that hung over us all, especially over our children, who can now sleep freely at night.



  2. I don’t deny his part in that. But wasn’t it Thatcher and Reagan who helped to put him in theposition where he could get away with it? Would he have done it without them?

  3. Georgia started this aggression, Dave. Don’t be fooled by that bleating neocon puppet Saakashvili. Not to say that the Russian administration is some pillar of classic liberalism or anything.

    As libertarians surely we should be supporting the secession of Ossetia, independent of the Russia/Georgia nation states?

  4. In a word, “Yes.” And thus far, Russia is the only party to the dispute to offer the population a referendum on just that, or association with Georgia, or association with Russia.

    We shall see…



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  6. I don’t where anyone gets the idea Russia does not have nukes, they have
    more than enough to defend themselves.

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