Come to LIBERTY 2008 … the libertarian Alliance Conference, London 25th-26th October 2008

David Davis

This year’s Annual Conference, of the Libertarian International and the Libertarian Alliance, promises to be as grand as the last one in 2007. It will be hosted, as is usual, at the National Liberal Club, a stone’s throw from the Houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Trafalgar Square, and many major attractions of Central London.

I have it on good authority that David Friedman, son of the eponymous Milton (“…if we take as a first approximation, the assumption that about 100% of all monies raised by taxation are then wasted…”) will be attending and will speak.

Topics of important seminars will be:-


“The defeat of ageing – our ultimate freedom?” – Dr Aubrey de Gray (Cambridge)

“Future Shock; three perspectives on freedom in the 21st century” – James Panton (Oxford), Dr Sean Gabb (LA) and Martin Summers

“The global rise of private education for the poor” – James Stansfield (Newcastle)

DEBATE:- “Road Pricing; free market incrementalism, or just more state control?”

LA FILM LAUNCH:- “Britain at the Cross-roads; An intro to road pricing and the privatisation of public space”.

Conference Annual Dinner and Awards, including after-dinner speech:- Reasons to be optimistic – why we are winning the battle for lower taxes” – Matthew Elliot (Chief Exec, taxpayers’ Alliance)


“Ban the Ban” – the human cost of prohibitions – Dr John Meadowcroft (King’s, London)

“The idea of a private law Society” – Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Nevada)

“The modern panopticon state versus freedom: why State ID cards are bad” – Guy Herbert, (gen. sec “No-2-ID-cards”)

“Post-modernity and liberty” – Marc-Henri Glendenning, Dr Sean Gabb

Attendance including the dinner costs a nugatory £85 sterling, or USD$ 170. you can pay by post, via the Libertarian International, or via Paypal on our own website. (All the details are there in full.)

People are well advised to book early, as places are limited ultimately by the “safety-Nazis and fire regulations.” So book now!


  1. Being a somewhat avoidant and dyspraxic person at formal events, it is unlikely that I’ll manage to attend this. Which is a shame because the itinerary looks excellent. I hope David is as charming and astute as Milton was, for those who do attend.

  2. From Friedman to Hoppe — from the sublime to the ridiculous. Friedman would interest me as he is always interesting as for one of your other speakers there are just some associations I’d rather not have.

  3. I’m going to participate this event.
    It seems interesting.

    I’ve met Hoppe. Listening to his speech it was really pleasure.

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