Libertarian Alliance conference 25-26th october – importat changes – Prof. David Friedman to speak!!

David Davis

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4.15pm-5.30pm Session 4

“Future Imperfect”: Tech Revolutions That Might
Happen and Their Consequences…
Speaker: David Friedman (Professor of Law at Santa Clara University;
author, The Machinery of Freedom)

Moderator: Dr. Sean Gabb (Director, Libertarian Alliance)

[Floating (time to be arranged): The Great British Road Pricing
Debate:Free Market Incrementalism or Just More State Control?
LA Film Launch: Britain at the Cross Roads: An Introduction to Road
Pricing and the Privatisation of Public Space
Speaker: Dr. Richard Wellings (Deputy Editorial Director, Institute of
Economic Affairs)
Moderator: Patrick Crozier (Transport Spokesman, Libertarian Alliance)]

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